The story of Nine Clothing started sometime ago, on a summer afternoon on a bech at the north of Spain, filled with sand and salt wondering what to do next year.

We had been sometime dealing with the idea of ​​designing different clothes, different than the big brands were selling out, with a hard and clear objective: manufactured in Spain, perhaps earning less, while maintaining the values ​​of people who knows what to do and they do it very well together with our ideas.

So we got up and dragged the towel to the edge of the sand as the tide rose. There Nine Clothing started. We did not set off until January, we were not decided, maybe it was the cold winter that kept us lethargic, but one day of that cold winter we talked about it again, seriously, without seeing it as a distant idea, but as a "this is what we shall do", and we did it.

We found the right people, we surrounded ourselves with our old friends and in less than five months we took our first mini collection for sale, it was really ready long before, but stumbled a few times before starting.

It would be very difficult to start this journey without naming them all, and much more without thank them their help, their support, and especially their minds, because without them and their presence this would not have gotten this far. Thank you Bárbara, Luismi, Andrés, Mónica, Juanfran y Yovanna.

They helped us create our catalog:

Photo: Luis Migue Sanjusto
Hairdressser & make up artist: Luzia Bono
Models: Isabel Delgado y Veki Velilla